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Autograph Collecting Websites

The World Wide Web is one of the best resources you can use to find information about autograph collecting. Here are some of my favorite autograph sites. If you know of any other autograph collecting or celebrity address websites, or would like me to add a link to your page, please email me.

Sites That List Celebrity Addresses and Information on Collecting Autographs Through the Mail

Autograph Successes Around the World Blog - contains lots of links to other autograph collecting sites.
Nicole's Autograph Page
Todd's Autograph Arena
Autograph Success Germany
BD's Autograph Shack
Celebrities Fans - Celebrity Addresses for Autographs, Pictures, Information and more, all are free and frequently updated.

Sites That Offer Autographs for Sale

Links to these sites are provided as a service to autograph collectors. I do not represent or endorse these sites in any way.
Ace Coffin Autographs
British Comedy Autographs - Autographs for sale

Sites That Offer Unsigned Photographs For Sale