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Some Useful Resources for Reaching Your Favorite Celebrities!

Here are some useful sites, where you can look up zip codes, find descriptions and addresses for network TV shows, and other useful stuff.

United States Postal Service ZIP Code LookupUSPS ZIP Code Lookup and Address Information

Google Groups - search the posts in the alt.collecting.autographs Usenet newsgroup for celebrity address information.

Search the Internet Movie Database for information on television programs and movies in which your favorite celebrity has appeared.

TV Guide Online

Dead People Server See if a celebrity has died or is still alive. Useful for searching for movie and television personalities that are no longer in the limelight.

Baseball-Reference Search the Baseball Encyclopedia of Major League Baseball players to see career stats for any former or current baseball player.

Major Television Networks

The WB Network

Miscellaneous Sites of Interest to the Autograph Collector

Sharpie.com - the official website of the Sharpie marker